Photo Booths – Pro’s & Con’s and our thoughts

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There has been a recent clamber to provide a photo booth and ‘props’ for guest’s to entertain themselves with at a wedding or other functions. In principal a nice idea and one that we can also do. However – there are considerations to keep in mind.

  • Props are used and handled by many, some times with soiled unwashed hands from portable toilets or communal toilets or simply poor personal hygiene.
  • Face / Masquerade Mask’s may be worn / touched on skin that may be the subject of transferable Dermatitis or near eyes suffering from Conjunctivitis – from a person @ a previous function or @ your own event.
  • Most props are supplied by the Photographer and some / most are probably never sterilised (As far as we are aware) as they simply cannot be in all practicality, like some of our prop’s! They are most likely used repeatedly to get maximum value for money from them.
  • The risk’s are low – but we believe they are still there and that’s why we prefer to a) not supply props and b) Not supply a Photo Booth. However, should you request one, we are more than happy to oblige.
  • If the hygiene practises of other event guest’s, your photographer and your own guest’s are not of concern to you – this is a great idea!
  • We can discuss this more in your pre-wedding booking meeting.


There may be errors contained in this note – this is not intentional however we ask you to not act on this information and to research and come to your own independent conclusions on this subject matter.