Nudity – FAQ’s / Facts / Opinions

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Nudity – FAQ’s / Facts / Opinions
Fully Nude, Partially nude or Implied Nude
  • Considerations before you do pose nude in any way shape or form:
  • Why Nude? The human body is AMAZING and is best photographed – in most cases – nude. It is powerful, evocative, sculptured, bold and unique to you! It is you! You will have images to look back on and go – wow that is/was me! To create images like these should be one of your aims in doing nude – if you so choose to.
  • How do I know if the photographer is experienced and competent at Nude Photography? Ask him or her, do a partial or implied nude shot or two – with the option to delete the images immediately if you don’t like it. You will soon get an idea of the skill of the photographer and make up your mind then.
  • I don’t feel comfortable doing nude – should I do it? You can try? and if you really don’t like it – ask for the images to be deleted immediately in front of you or simply say – no thanks – It is OK to say no.
  • The photographer is willing to pay me to do nudes – Should I do it? In most cases – he / she is paying you because  they may not have enough credibility / skills to do nudes OR they may be selling it to magazines to cover the cost of their payment to the model. In either case – it is your decision – If the images are being sold on – you want to know where and in what context it will be used – otherwise do not agree to it. Personally I would say no in this situation! There is NO professional Photographer I know of that has EVER paid a FB model to do nudes (other than to have complete rights to do what ever and sell to whoever), BUT I do know of MANY Facebook (professional) Photographers (on FB Modelling groups) that have paid girls to get their gear off to shoot (in other than a workshop scenario). Why? Because a professional photographer gets PAID to photograph their clients – clothed and/or nude. NOT the other way around!
  • Does the photographer own and operate their own studios? This will give you some sense of security if they do! If they don’t – again – I would probably say don’t do it! There are exceptions to this – not many!. Most photographers don’t own their own studio and may speak of a studio as their’s – but they probably lease / hire it as they require it on a hourly basis or on a more long term basis and sublet / rent it to others!
  • How do i know if my nude photographs are good or not? Google and research nude photography and images and look at what you consider to be tasteful and acceptable to you – then keep in mind your own body shape and looks and evaluate the results of a few test shots against your research and own body! Ask to delete images immediately if you do not like it. Don’t be afraid to try it in another location or setting or outfit or pose – things could look entirely different!
  • I like the idea – but I am weary of it being published or misused as I read in the papers. If a professional photographer publishes nude images of a person without his or her consent – the reputation of the photographer will be in tatters. Most (or ALL that I know of) images released to compromise a person have been from ex-lovers – jilted and seeking revenge – I do NOT know of a single professional photographer who has released photographs in other than these situations – not to say it never occurred – but non that I know of.
  • Ex-partners / Lovers probably have more photo’s and videos of their partners that could compromise an individual than any Professional Photographer could probably ever do!
  • My friend is a model and she said she has never done nudes of any sort! this is MOST likely a false statement to boost her own sense of self righteousness or self worth or standing as a model .. or for what ever reason. Most models I know of have done either implied, partial or full nudes already or will do so at some point in their career / life – In MY opinion – also – just take a look at history.
  • Try the idea – if you like the results – continue. If you do not – try again another location or setting or theme or studio. Have the option to always delete the images immediately if you do not like it – before you shoot nude!
  • I have been shooting nudes (implied, partial, full) for over 10 years! If it is not artistic, different and beautiful – it is of no use to me or the model. I always try and give the model the option to explore these ideas – I think it important to offer them these options!
  • The decision is yoursbase it on fact and not gossip and social standards! These are just my opinions on the subject – no more – no less!

There may be errors contained in this note – this is not intensional and I ask you to not act on this information and to research and come to your own independent conclusions on this subject matter.

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