Press Pass ‘Scam’ – Please READ if you Organise / Run Events of ANY Description

At the time of writing the original Article:

Approximately $80 to $180 can buy you a very official looking Press Pass, Car Sticker, Letter of Introduction for specific events, Web Space to ‘Play’ Journalist etc being used to gain access to Events

Only a couple listed here – BUT there are MANY MORE!
1) ANYONE can get one – just need to pay the money.

2) Employer
NOT required. Proof of Experience and/or SkillNOT Required (Can have ZERO Exp’ in Photography & Journalism).

3) Proof of Identity
NOT Required (Can use any Name, DoB, Address etc)

4) Journalistic or Photographic Skill/Credibility
– NOT required and NOT validated.

– friend what ever) Valid Email required and (ANYONES – friend – neighbour – what ever)

6) Postal REQUIRED – to send confirmation and press pass and documents to. This can be ANYONES. – Literally!

7) PAYMENT REQUIRED 🙂 and with more money and you can even get official letters introducing yourself to Events, Car Stickers and MUCH More!

8) MANY of these and Similar
organisations allow you to:

host a web site and ‘play’ journalist and
b) your ‘articles’
can be completely plagiarised with some one else’s text,
use images that are stolen / not yours etcNO CHECKING IS MADE of Journalistic / Photographic Integrity etc …
d) You can LITERALLY … Cut and Paste from other Peoples work (100%) and Use Other Peoples Images (100%) – there is NO Checking!
e) You need no skill, integrity, honesty, morales or Photojournalistic Skills to be a Press Pass holder from places like this!
f) – Copy and Paste text in there from these Frauds and You will see the results SHOULD CONCERN YOU! A FRAUD – almost 100%.


Example 1: on link & try the process yourself – up to the point of paying 🙂 …


Example 2: on link & try the process yourself – up to the point of paying 🙂 …

10) Make sure that your event Security / Event Media Accreditation people / Members of Parliament at your events are aware of persons who carry these or similar purchased ‘Press Passes’ … to try and gain entry.

11)  The articles published are made to look successful with PAID Likes / Views and PAID Shares – All made to look to look like it is actually being read / viewed / or popular!