Artists – Collaborative / Paid Shoots – What you get

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Collaborative Shoots – Typically:

  1. Submissions to Print and Online Magazines come at a cost of $250/submission. The fee to is ensure there is commitment and purpose to the team and desire to be published and to offset @ 10/hr the huge cost in time and labour to edit images as required and then to make these submissions. If there is significant or technical editing that I cannot do easily myself – then any additional costs will also need to be shared equally between the team. The cost is equally shared between all Artists involved, including myself – all of this is in brief and simple term. Not applicable where the Models / HMUA do the editing of images, under supervision and instruction from me. This enables the other artists to appreciate the sheer volume of work required to be done to get these images published. 
  2. Copies of all Print Magazine Published Images, in due course after publication of all magazines is complete – Images are supplied as the are released to social media by me.
  3. If no image are published – at BK’s discretion – Stylists, Painters, Hair and Makeup, Models, Fashion & Accessory: 1 Image of his or your choice at full size (**Width & Height at least 5616 * 3744 & **300 PPI, typically), of each (makeup / hair) look at each location, per model. Additional images may be purchased at the discounted price of $90 / image (Full price is $250.00 per image).
  4. Where we pay Stylists, Painters, Hair and Makeup, Models, Fashion & Accessory etc at their discounted price: Images may be purchased at the standard discounted price of $125 / image
  5. Where we pay Stylists, Painters, Hair and Makeup, Models, Fashion & Accessory etc at their full price: Stylists, Painters, Hair and Makeup etcImages may be purchased at the full price of $250 / image.
  6. Where Stylists, Painters, Hair &Makeup, Models etc come to us asking for a Collaboration: We are happy to oblige as long as they also do Collaboration work for us – Images are provided as above.
  7. Just as we respect your (Stylists, Painters, Hair and Makeup, models etc) work and pay you – please respect that our (professional photographers) work also has value and needs to be paid for in other than arrangements for Collaboration Projects.
  8. In the unlikely event that no images published from the shoot and I decide to use some, from that shoot, on my social media or web site / promotional material then these images are made available to the creative team for their respective use as well – simply speaking.
  9. Underwater Photography – is negotiable for more images – depending on nature of the shoot – at the discretion of the Photographer & as agreed to prior to shoot going ahead.
Bank Account Details for Payment: