The Scam – Self Publishing Books through Amazon / Barnes & Noble …

One thing about about conmen and scammers is that they NEVER stop conning people and scamming people.


The latest trend is to claim they have been published by Amazon / Barnes & Noble or that their books are available through these reputable outlets! Which is misleading … here is why … 

1) ANY ONE CAN Self Publish – Even a 60 year old nobody!

2) It is through portals such as BLUB / Magcloud

3) It is PRINT on DEMAND through numerous ONLINE Sites.

4) Try it yourself … Go here –

5) You can pick your cover and style and size of book etc

6) Essentially, all you do is create a PDF document of your book, as pathetic as it is, and upload itThere is NO REQUIREMENT FOR QUALITY!

7) Anyone wanting to buy it can then order through the many online sites and you can claim to have your books available to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and many other online sites !
8) Books like these are NOT AVAILABLE through Physical Bookstores, unless they decide to Print and On demand and stock it – which would be simply dumb / stupid and as any one wanting one can simply Print On Demand and have delivered to their house!