Watermarking of our Images

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  • Un-purchased images will be watermarked as we see fit.
  • We shoot about 50,000 to 150,000 frames a year.
  • We cannot justify the time to individually watermark images – prior to release – unless  purchased.
  • We have tried to make the watermark as unobtrusive as possible and yet suitable for all sorts of brightness and colours
  • We have developed a horizontal and vertical template that we try and apply to our images comprising of Black and White text and Symbols that have a fair bit of Opacity so they no matter the Colours in the image – some parts of our watermark will at least show.
  • This is the only practical way of watermarking and releasing hundreds to thousands of images from a shoot. In some large events we have shot upwards of 3,000 frames and up to about 10,000 frames in a night / day / across an event. So there is no other practical way of watermarking, other than the way we currently do it. 
  • We hope you understand and respect the fact that this is our intellectual property that we are show casing for your enjoyment. No matter what is said or done at the end of the day, if they can get it for free they will – so we watermark – to minimise theft and to identify our work.
  • We place images on mediums like Facebook and pInterest to encourage people to Tag and Share our work – as it is presented, unaltered and with the Photographer and Copyright recognised.
  • Boutiques electronically tag an item of clothing so if it is removed incorrectly – it will ruin the item of clothing so that it is almost unusable – this very similar to watermarking – except that Watermarks are much easier to remove – especially with recent development in software.
  • Images of no/little value, similar to clothing of little/no value, often will not be protected in this manner.
  • Thank you for reading and your understanding.