Editorial Submissions

Editorial Submissions

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When we do Editorial Submissions there are many different scenarios and some of these are outline below:

  • Model, MUA, Hair Stylist, Fashion Stylist, Photographer and Assistants work collaboratively to achieve a piece of Photographic Art to be submitted to a suitable Magazine. Images to all parties are as per the information here. We some times do ask the model to contribute to the cost of the shoot – as there are material expenses that may need to be covered. These type of shoots are referred to as Collaborative Shoots and Different from Time / Trade  for Print / Images etc  (TF / TFP / TFI) shoots.
  • Time / Trade  for Print / Images etc  (TF / TFP / TFI) shoots are essential where photographer gives gives away all of the good images to all of the people involved in the shoot and similarly the HMUA / Stylists / Models etc effectively do the same with their time / services / materials etc.
  • It is important that all participants who take part in such shoots do make themselves aware of WHAT they are getting image wise – technically, to save themselves ending up with edited, kiddy cam images – of little use other than for Facebook or social media! Ask about Pixel height and width, the PPI of the image and the image format (file type) – Typically ours are Width & Height at least **5616 by 3744 Pixels & **300 PPI in .JPG format – Do NOT be fooled by loose terms like High Definition / High Resolution etc!. Also have a read of – Questions to ask before you engage a “Professional Photographer”.
  • Client contacts us to do a Editorial / Advertorial Shoot  – Depending on the budget we then negotiate a rate for Model, MUA, Hair Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist, Shoot Coordinator and etc and reward with monetary payment as well as images, again as discussed explained here
  • We can and do shoots Internationally and Interstate opportunities for these are often through events and casting calls from our Fan Page – LIKE & Subscribe to notifications to be kept informed.
  • The BEST RESULTS are always when everyone is paid equitably at a competitive rate and the client generally gets a higher quality of work, MUCH BETTER value for the money in this scenario, with all involved in the Project speaking about the client to their friends and family and often even purchasing from the client! This is the why Professional Clients pay Professional Fee’s.
  • Please feel to Contact Us if you have any further questions.


  • **Images may be cropped or edited at our discretion.
  • This is subject to some variation / negotiation from project to project – please confirm details prior to engagement on:
  • There may be inadvertent errors in this and other information – please check with us at the time of booking on all package details on offer at the time. We take all care to make sure there are no mistakes or errors – however – being human we may make mistakes – please call us on 0421 286 200 to let us know of any errors or omissions.