Inspo Images / Mood Board -> Image Theft

The stealing of images and their use as Inspiration / Mood Board Images is rife in this industry. The VERY ones that STEAL are the same ones that get upset when some one uses their images without permission or compensation! Weird huh!? LOL! – FACTS about Copyright –

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1) So you are Inspired by an Imageresulting from the HARD WORK & INSPIRATION of a Photographer, Stylist, H + MUA, Designer, Assistants, Crew, Models, Prop Costs, Location Travel and Costs, the clients Fees to have that image produced and etc?

2) Seek Permission from Copyright owner for it’s use OR Link to it.

3) Clearly state, at the BEGINNING of the POST and/or the credits that the work is not yours – don’t bury it at the end where most people will not see it, misleading people into believing it is your work OR that results of your work will look something like the stolen Inspo images – as most people don’t read the entire post!

4) Otherwise you are are nothing more than a common thief who is too stingy to pay for it’s use & credit the copyright owner OR link to the image and clearly and honestly state it is not your work! If not it would be just like stealing music and videos and lollies and what ever else – Common Theft of Copyright / Intellectual Property! AND Food / Money right out of the mouths of the creatives listed in 1) that it COST to create the image ..

5) … and when you are busted for stealing – Don’t get defensive and pretend you didn’t realise or don’t know or just for Inspo etc – have the balls to admit you are a thief and apologies and rectify it! Especially if you are a so called ‘Professional’ Artist in the same area!

6) So, you are prepared to STEAL and NOT pay, credit or acknowledge the hard work and results of other creatives to advance your Portfolio / Business? What else will you do to achieve that? STAY AWAY from PEOPLE LIKE THIS!

7) Why do they do this? Because the images they ‘Inspire’ (Aspire) to achive are NOTHING like the reality of their actual work / abilities and they find the need to dupe people into thinking the final results will be something like the ‘Inspiration’ Images, in order to gain interest and/or participation! Harsh? Perhaps. True? Absolutely, I believe!

8) In the groups – & – please link to inspirational images – like many other non-tfp groups require you to do.

9) TIP’s / Solutions

  • Put a small team together privately and do a Proof of Concept Shoot and then use these images to do your castings (How I do mine)
  • Use of Stock Photo’s (I personally despise the frauds that do this also) – but be sure to state at the beginning of the post it is not your work and that it is a stock photo!
  • Uses any similar images you have of your work & then verbally (phone) / in writing explain the concept further, use links to images etc
  • Use Pinterest to PIN other peoples work to create a mood board – Don’t Steal (Screen grab / copy images) and post!
  • DO NOT STEAL! If you wish to steal then be prepared to viewed in the Industry as a IP (Intellectual Property) Thief / Fraud.

10) Copyright Protection / Image Theft Reporting Sites: