Casting Call Required Information

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CASTING CALLS: What we REQUIRE you to provide ALL in ONE email please:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address & Mobile (these MUST work)
  3. Facebook Profile Link
  4. DoB – If under 18 on the Date of Shoot – Parental  / Guardian consent must be provided at least 2 weeks in advance.
  5. FEMALE VITALS (Current) – BOTH cm and inchesHeight CM | INCHES. Bust CM | INCHES. Cup Size. Waist CM | INCHES. Hips CM | INCHES. Hair Colour | Length. Eye (Colour) Dress Size (Aus). Shoe Size (Aus).
  6. MALE VITALS (Current) – BOTH cm and inchesHeight CM | INCHES. Chest CM | INCHES. Neck CM | INCHES. Shirt (Arm Length – outer) CM | INCHES. Trousers (Outer) CM | INCHES. Hair Colour | Length. Eye (Colour) Shirt Size (Aus) Trouser Size (Aus). Shoe Size (Aus).
  7. All submitted images MUST be 100 % unedited – I want to see what YOU LOOK LIKE. I do NOT want to see what your previous photographer thought you should look like. It must also show your looks as they currently are.
  8. Typically required are Head Shots (front and side), Body Shots (front, rear and side)
  9. Disclosure of Scars, Piercing’s, Tattoo’s and ANY skin blemishes- including photo’s of affected areas.
  10. All casting emails are to be sent to:
  11. Please also give me a rough idea of Weekend and Weekday availabilities.
  12. Agency Signed ModelsMust obtain Agency Consent themselves, if required. This is your responsibility.
  13. I need to be able to make an informed decision as to the suitability for a Shoot and it is all Visual so the information you provide is essential in making a initial casting decission.
  14. ALL INFORMATION in ONE EMAIL – So that it can be forwarded to all parties involved in casting decisions.

Body Part Castings

  • Responding to casting calls for Body Part Castings – Such as Eyes, Hands, Legs etc need to have included images for such that are also 100 % unedited. Again I NEED to see WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE.

Thank you for being the professional and providing the information requested in the format requested. I LIKE THAT!

Castings Team @ The Shed Studios.
External Reference: What Agencies and Castings Directors want to see –