Studio & Camera Equipment Cost’s

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Studio and camera equipment suffer wear and tear and need to be replaced periodically to make sure they function at their best when you need them to. To help us budget for replacement costs, insurance and the like we have incorporated a discounted value to the following cost’s in your shoot packages.

Studio Hourly (or part thereof) Rates (already incorporated into Studio Shoot pricing): $50.00 M-F, $75.00 – Minimum 2 Hours booking (unless negotiated).

  • Includes use of all lights and backdrops. Soiled or damaged equipment must be repaired or replaced at the most expedient solution.
  • Support personnel to assist with technicalities $50/hr or part thereof.
  • Support personnel to assist with shoot $150/hr or part thereof (also available to assist with technicalities)

Camera and Lens Rates (already incorporated into in Studio & Location Shoot package pricing – NOT hire rate):

  • $150/4 hours or part thereof  M-F, $150/4 hours or part thereof, $200/4 hours or part thereof  M-F, $150/4 hours or part thereof.
  • $250/8 hours or part thereof M-F, $300/8 hours or part thereof on weekends.